Work With a Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist

We have experience with all major manufacturers of hearing aids.  All of our practitioners are licensed in Idaho and trained to provide accurate hearing evaluations, fitting of hearing aids, and continual support to keep you hearing the best possible.

Do you have a hard time hearing television clearly? Do you hear, but have a hard time understanding? Are you catching the volume, but missing out on the clarity? Are high pitched voices difficult to understand? Do you nod, smile, and say “yes” when you don’t know what was being asked? You may have a hearing loss.

When fitting hearing aids, these are a few of the many complaints we often discuss with patients. Western Hearing Consultants has the flexibility of working with you in your home or at our office located at 2285 E 25th St, in Idaho Falls.

With modern technology we can test, fit, and adjust hearing aids at the office or in a home based setting. This gives you a real life experience with the hearing aids, and it gives us an opportunity to adjust them in a real life setting.

Our mission is to treat every individual as though they are family in need of the services we provide.  Let’s work together to find the best solution for your hearing needs.

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Full-Hearing Evaluations

We provide a full hearing analysis with the latest technology.  We offer in-office, or at-home evaluations.

Video Otoscopy

Could your issue simply be a wax build-up?  With our video otoscope we will show you the inside of your ear canal.  

Hearing Aid Fitting

We use Real-Ear-Measurements to find the best fitting based on the shape of your ear canals.

Follow Up Care

Our follow up care includes adjustment and cleaning of hearing aids, continual hearing evaluations, and otoscopic evaluations.  

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