Services Provided

Full-Hearing Evaluation

Come to our office and be tested in our over-sized booth.  We provide a full hearing analysis with the latest technology.  For those who are physically unable, let us bring our equipment to you and provide an evaluation in home.

Video Otoscopy

Could your issue simply be a wax build-up?  With our video otoscope we will show you the inside of your ear canal.  

Hearing Aid Fitting

With over 10 years of experience using various manufacturers, we are able to tailor hearing aids to your specific needs.  We work to find the solution that works for you and your lifestyle to help you enjoy what you’ve been missing.  With Real-Ear-Measurements we can program hearing aids while monitoring the output in your ear canal, this helps us ensure you are getting the proper amplification based on the shape of your ear canals.  

Follow-up Care

We are here to help you with your hearing needs for the long run.  Our follow up care includes adjustment and cleaning of hearing aids, continual hearing evaluations, and otoscopic evaluations.  

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